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Version 7, Build 18, August 2014
- change feature behavior: include_in_result_holdings_with_zero_copies settings is now upgraded to handle display behaviour for each resource type. Old global switch for this variable is now removed. This now allows books to independently disallow resource display when there are no volume/copies based on holding status (e.g. discarded) while still allowing other resources to display resource information even without copies/volumes for circulation.
- structure of table resource_type modified to support include_in_result_holdings_with_zero_copies pero resource type
- fixed checkout_count reported issues

Version 7, Build 17, June 2014
- fixed handling of resources with no volume/copies (e.g. Periodicals)

Version 7, Build 16, April 2014
- fixed issues on resource content formatting

Version 7, Build 15, January 2013

- search query (keyword, by field) updated to accurately display resources that have no copies available
- fixed content information links error
- fixed CSS entries to correct improper handling of right margins across different browsers

Version 7, Build 14, December 2012
- (new feature) Return Result by Alphabetical Order, by Recentness, by Mostly Used
- (reintroduced feature) Links of Libraries
- migrated project to Visual Studio 2012

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